On November 19,2015, the 9th grade students had the pleasure of visiting Ararat Home. The students started their day by visiting The Eskijian Museum, located at Ararat Home. Here, the students participated in an interactive scavenger hunt in the museum. This gave them a chance to study the wonderful historical contents of the museum, such as traditional Armenian outfits, paintings by Armenian artists, as well as manuscripts and archives. This activity was followed by a lecture by the curator. Afterwards, the Ferrahian students joined the elderly of Ararat Home in the dining area, where the students performed songs, dances, and recited poems and musical performances on the piano. Finally the students had a chance to interview some of the members of Ararat Home on a one-on-one basis.

This trip was an unforgettable one for both the students and the elders of Ararat Home.




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