On Monday morning of March 31, 2014, around 9:30 a.m., 16 Ferrahian School students, grandchildren of Kessab Armenians, together with English language teacher, Ms. Anita Aghamanoukian visited the San Fernando Valley US Congressman Brad Sherman’s office and hand delivered their protest letters to the office personnel. Senior class student, Haig Derderian on behalf of the student body expressed to the staff of the Congressman the frustration and emotions of the students for the atrocities occurring in the town of Kessab and for the occupation of Turkish supported extremist fighting groups in Syria.

Student letters were attached to the school principal’s cover letter (see below):





March 31, 2014

Congressman Brad Sherman
5000 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 420
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Dear Congressman:
In light of the devastating events going on in the town of Kessab in Syria and considering that quite a number of our students are grandchildren of Kessab residents, many are distraught and angered from the atrocities committed by the extremist armed factions supported by the Turkish authorities in this small town of largely Armenian residents.

Last week, a group of our students took time to gather in the school’s library to express their anger and frustration in writing and to hand deliver their letters to you, Congressman Sherman.

The expectations of the students and our community from you are to raise this issue in the State Department and sensitize them on the pain and suffering of the Armenian community in Syria in general and the Kessab people in particular.

We trust that the plea of our students will be heard and due action will be taken.

We appreciate your immediate action.

John Kossakian, Principal

Brad Shermans Office 1 Brad Shermans Office. 2 After Visiting Brad Shermans Office