WASC Action Plan-2007


Growth Area Action Plan # 1

The school will plan and execute a strategy in order to increase support services to serve and meet the needs of all students.


Growth Area Action Plan # 2

The Armenian Language Department will engage in a process of enhancing the Armenian language curriculum and instruction incorporating audio visuals and hands-on experiences. The action plan also calls to emphasize on different teaching modalities, and oral and written communication skills.


Growth Area Action Plan # 3

The school will develop a process to integrate technology into instruction, learning, and assessment.


Growth Area Action Plan # 4

The school will strengthen the instructional advocacy to provide ongoing advisement to instructional personnel to assess efficiency, and improve the broader school wide goals and student learning outcomes.


Growth Area Action Plan # 5

The school will research and plan a facilities’ expansion project with the vision of enhancing the student learning environment and accommodating for a projected 5% per year student population increase in the next six to twelve years.