October 22, 2015


Dear Parents,


You may be aware that the rules and regulations section of the Elementary School is the simplified version of the rules and regulations of the Middle and High School. The Elementary School regulations are compiled in the Elementary Handbook, a copy is posted on the school’s website at www.ferrahian.com, under ENGAGE / RULES AND REGULATIONS / ELEMENTARY HANDBOOK.


We recently have reviewed the Elementary Handbook and have introduced significant changes especially to the discipline rules section. More than ever our Elementary school students are being physical while playing causing bodily harm to each other and at times resulting in serious injuries. To avoid such unpleasant occurrences, the administration has introduced new disciplinary rules and regulations and consequences of unacceptable behavior with the hope of minimizing student transgression.


We kindly ask that you review the changes and closely read the disciplinary rules section posted on the school’s website. If you would like to have a hard copy of the revised Elementary Handbook, you may pick up one from the Elementary school office.


At this time, we highly recommend that parents talk to their children and emphasize the importance of being gentle with each other and avoid physical force while playing during recess and lunch breaks.