The hairstyle of all male and female students must be presentable at all times.  Students will not be allowed to classrooms if their hairstyle does not meet school regulations.  The following are not allowed:

  •  Outlandish hairstyle, such as jelled, oiled, greased, spiked,
  •  Bleached, dyed or colored hair with multiple highlights

Boys must come to school with hair at acceptable length as follows:

  •  Hair must not cover the eyes
  •  Hair must not extend over the ears
  •  Hair must not be shorter than half an inch
  •  Hair length should not extend over the shirt collar
  •  Side-burns must not exceed the earlobes
  •  Grown up boys must be cleanly groomed; no beards are allowed

Girls must come to school with neatly combed hair as follows:

  •  Hair must be groomed off the face
  •  Hair/bangs must be above eyebrows

Students who violate the Hairstyle Code will be referred to the Administrative Office by the homeroom teachers and will be penalized as follows:

Physical Appearance Code Violation

1st Violation


2nd Violation