Adherence to school rules is mandatory.  Those who do not comply with school standards will face disciplinary consequences.  The following are the disciplinary measures employed at school.

Corrective Warnings

Teachers, supervisors, and administrators will warn students of their behavioral misconduct and encourage them to improve their behavior.  Besides reprimanding the student for violating school regulations, parents will also be notified in writing (Behavior Report) about the student’s infringements.

Loss of privileges

Students will lose their privilege to participate in extra-curricular activities:

  • Field trips, school dances, student council activities, etc.
  • Interscholastic athletic games, practices and tryouts
  • End of the year or graduation activities


During detention, students are required to study the discipline regulations as well as perform tasks as determined by the Administration.  For every behavioral detention, a student’s Citizenship grade will be lowered by 10 points (one whole grade).
Serving detention is mandatory.  Detention supersedes all other school programs and activities.
Detention must be served on weekdays during 3:45p.m.-5:30 p.m. If a student fails to serve the detention, then student’s Citizenship grade will be lowered by an additional 10 points (one whole grade) for each detention not served.


  • Students will be suspended from school when it has been determined that their presence at school causes disruption to the learning process, or detrimental to the safety of students and employees, or undermines the operation of the school. For every one-day suspension the Citizenship grade will be deducted by 20 points (two whole grade).
  • A student suspended from school is not allowed on school campus and is not allowed to attend any school activities during the duration of the suspension.  The student will not be able to take make-up tests/exams as well.
  • A student is suspended for no more than five (5) school days at any one time except during an expulsion process and for no more than ten (10) days in a school year.  A student on suspension for more than ten (10) days may be expelled from school because of insufficient academic program requirements.

The procedure for suspending a student from school follows the steps listed below:

  • Student Hearing: The Vice Principal will meet with the student to present and explain the charges made against him/her stated in the “Referral Form” and to give the student a chance to document his/her side of the incidence on the same form.
  • Parent Contact: The Vice Principal will inform the parent/guardian about the facts leading to the decision to suspend the student, before he/she is sent home from school.  A filled-out “Notice of Suspension” will be given out to the parents that include the suspension date(s) and the date the student is allowed back to school.
  • Either the Administration or the parent/guardian may request a conference before the student’s return to school to discuss further the student’s behavioral issues.


The school resorts to behavioral probation when a student has violated the school rules excessively.  Students are placed on behavioral probation for a designated period of time determined by the Administration.  Based on the terms of the probation, the student could be barred from attending school functions, or may not participate in school athletic activities or student council organized events.  Any violation of school rules or the terms of the probation may be cause for expulsion.
Students who have received an “F” in the Citizenship grade at the end of a quarter will be automatically placed on behavioral probation for the rest of the year.  These students are excluded from all co-curricular and extracurricular activities. If the behavior of a student has not improved, the student will be denied enrollment the next academic year or in severe cases will be expelled from the school. If a student received an “F” grade in citizenship in 4th quarter will be placed on probation during the first semester of the following academic year or denied enrollment altogether.

Students with an “F” grade in Citizenship are excluded from all co-curricular and extracurricular activities.  These activities include academic competitions, athletic games, field trips, extended trip, social activities, etc.

Enrollment Restrictions

Depending upon a student’s behavior and conduct, the Administration may decide to deny a student the privilege to enroll the next academic year.


An expulsion is the permanent removal of a student from the school.  Expelled students are not welcome to attend any other Prelacy schools for the duration of the expulsion.  An expulsion may last one full academic year.  Depending upon circumstances, a student may be allowed to return to school before the specified expulsion date, if for example, a student receives outside counseling enhancing his/her conduct or behavior, or if a student successfully performs at a non-Prelacy school.

  • The procedure to expel a student from the school system follows the steps below:
  • The student will be suspended pending his/her expulsion and notification of the parent/guardian regarding the offenses committed by the student.
  • The Principal will prepare the expulsion report, providing the reason(s) for the expulsion along with documentation of the student’s discipline history.
  • The Principal will forward a copy of the expulsion documents to the Board of Regents for action; and a copy will be sent to the parents/guardians.
  • The parent/guardian will be granted due process prior to the implementation of the expulsion.  At that time, the parent/guardian shall be provided with information about the appeals process.
  • Appeals of an expulsion may be made to the Board of Regents within five (5) school days of the decision.  The decision of the Board of Regents shall be final.
  • The Principal may extend the suspension period, if necessary, for the purposes of implementing due process.  Such extension must be made by written notification to the parent/guardian.
  • The expelled student shall not be admitted to any other Prelacy school for the duration of the expulsion.  Expelled students seeking readmission to Prelacy schools must present their records for review before readmission.

Financial Liability

In case of damage to personal and/or public property caused by a student, the parents or guardians are held liable for recovery of any or all damages of up to the amount of $10,000 (Education Code 48904).

Police Intervention

In case of an unlawful or violent act by students, the police will be informed instantly or a police report will be filed immediately after the incident.  For more information on this subject, please check the “Illegal Acts” section of this Handbook.