All students have the right to a safe and functional school. Therefore, the students must aim toward self-discipline; respect the rights of others and seek to maintain a safe environment. Hence, students must:

  1. Respect authority and all rules set by the school.
  2. Be polite and restrain from using abusive language.
  3. Abstain from all acts of disruptive nature and committing truancy.
  4. Stay away from immoral activities such as cheating, forging, gambling, stealing.
  5. Avoid inappropriate physical contact.
  6. Keep appropriate physical appearance
  7. Take utmost care in the use and upkeep of school property and structures
  8. Be attentive to safety issues.
  9. Abstain from bringing to school unauthorized equipment and literature

Students are accountable for their own actions. Students should understand that the following list of infractions does not include every violation for which a student may receive disciplinary consequences. Other forms of behavior may also result in disciplinary action. California State Law states that a student may be punished, suspended, or expelled for “good cause”.


The following charts describe offenses and corresponding disciplinary actions:


Authority and Defiance
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Willfully defying school rules and regulations Suspension Expulsion
Willfully defying the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or other school personnel Suspension Expulsion
Meddle with teacher’s desk, bookshelf and file cabinets that are regarded as personal property Suspension Expulsion
Swearing, insulting, and using profanities toward teachers and other school officials Expulsion
Intentionally throwing objects at faculty/staff members Expulsion
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Chewing gum, littering Detention Suspension
Spreading false information and rumors about the school Detention Suspension
Habitual profanity and vulgarity Suspension Expulsion
Bullying – Harassment
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Insults and swearing at fellow students Detention Suspension
Abusive language, name-calling at fellow students Detention Suspension
Gossiping and spreading rumors Detention Suspension
Threatening gestures and teasing Detention Suspension
Stalking and making signs Detention Suspension
Defaming of other students Detention Suspension
Harassment of others, because of ethnicity, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, and/or disability Detention Suspension
Harassment by e-mail, internet postings, phone calls and letters Suspension Expulsion
Disruption of Class/School
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Disruption of school activities and the learning process Suspension Expulsion
Throwing objects in classrooms or out of the windows Suspension Suspension
Visiting cafeteria during class hours Suspension Suspension
Taking to or eating food in unauthorized areas or littering Detention Suspension
Communicating with others outside of the school grounds Suspension Expulsion
Tampering with the school paging system Suspension Expulsion
Tampering with the school fire alarm system Suspension Expulsion
Tampering with the school security cameras Suspension Expulsion
Tampering with the school phone and e-mail systems Suspension Expulsion
Tampering with the school online data bases Suspension Expulsion
Calling 911 in non-emergency situations Suspension & $100 penalty Expulsion & $100 penalty
Ditching Classes and Truancy
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Cutting classes or leaving classrooms without permission Suspension Suspension
Truancy and leaving campus without obtaining permission from the Administrative Office Suspension Expulsion
Ditching classes/school Suspension Expulsion
Immoral Acts
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Plagiarism or cheating Suspension Expulsion
Forging parents’ signature, using forged notes Suspension Expulsion
Knowingly receive stolen school or private property Suspension Expulsion
Steal or attempt to steal school property or private property Suspension Expulsion
Sell or attempt to sell stolen school or private property Suspension Expulsion
Playing cards in classrooms or on campus Suspension Expulsion
Betting and gambling on school premises Suspension Expulsion
Stealing from fellow students Suspension Expulsion
Sale of lost textbooks to outside buyers and other students Suspension Expulsion
Forging legal documents and school official documents Expulsion
Damaging or stealing teacher’s possessions Expulsion
Physical Appearance
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Male students wearing earrings Detention Suspension
Pant accessories such as pocket chains Detention Suspension
Female students wearing more than modest make-up Detention Suspension
Female students wearing more than one pair of earrings Detention Suspension
Artificial nail and nail polish Detention Suspension
Rings worn on body parts such as nose, tongue, eyebrows Detention Suspension
No visible underwear, pants must be fitted to the waist Suspension Suspension
Physical Contact
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Inappropriate touch of fellow students Detention Suspension
Physical contact and forced hugging of others Suspension Expulsion
Verbal, visual and physical conduct of a sexual nature Suspension Expulsion
Touching the private parts of others Expulsion
Pranks and Property Damage
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Cause or attempt to cause damage to school property Suspension Expulsion
Throwing objects in the courtyard and over the fences Suspension Expulsion
Misuse of lockers Detention Suspension
Tagging school property; marking or writing on walls, desks, tables, chairs, or any other furniture Suspension Expulsion
Spray-painting trash bins and other school property Suspension Expulsion
Vandalism Suspension Expulsion
Substantial vandalism to school property Expulsion
Forced breaking and entering Expulsion
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Using/riding skateboards, roller blades or bicycles Detention Suspension
Pushing, hitting and kicking Detention Suspension
Scuffling and wrestling Suspension Expulsion
Possession and use of laser pointers Suspension Expulsion
Possession, use, sale or furnishing of knives, scissors and other sharp objects, that may cause bodily injury Suspension Expulsion
Possession or use of lighters, matches, fire crackers Suspension Expulsion
Electronic Equipment
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Possession of telephone beepers, radios, CDs, earphones, audio/video equipments, cameras, etc. Detention & one week confiscation Suspension & one month confiscation
Grades 6-12 students are not allowed to carry or use cell phones during school hours. Cell phones must be stored in off position in lockers or cars for after school hours use. Confiscation of the item for 2 whole days. Confiscation of the item for the entire month. Students may retrieve the confiscated cell phone after 2 days, by donating $50 to school Hai Tahd activities.
Unauthorized Literature
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Sale and solicitation of any nature of immoral and unauthorized literature Detention Suspension
Posting/distributing unauthorized flyers & printed matter Detention Suspension
Possession of books & magazines not authorized by school Detention Suspension
Possession of adult magazines of sexual content Suspension Expulsion