Based on the severity of the violation committed the Administration has the full authority to report to the police as well as to Department of Children and Family Services about the incident and request their immediate intervention to restrain all kinds of illegal and/or violent acts. The following violations are serious enough to be reported to the law Representatives.

Alcohol and Tobacco
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Possession/use of alcoholic and tobacco products Expulsion
Possession/use of any product containing nicotine Expulsion
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Possess, offer, arrange and negotiate to sell or furnish any drug paraphernalia Expulsion
Unlawfully possess, use or be under the influence of any controlled substance or intoxicant of any kind Expulsion
Unlawfully offer, negotiate to sell, deliver/furnish and sell any controlled substance to others Expulsion
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Using signs, logos, symbols, graffiti and apparel that display disruptive pictures, messages and slogans, or any other marks associated with gangs and clandestine groups Suspension Expulsion
Close friendship and association with gang members Expulsion
Direct association with and/or membership in gangs Expulsion
1st Violation 2nd Violation
Setting fire Expulsion
Committing or attempting to commit robbery and extortion Expulsion
Possession, use, sale or furnishing of explosive devices, fire arms, or other dangerous/hazardous objects that may cause bodily injury Expulsion
Possession of imitation fire arms and any type of air gun Expulsion
Causing, attempting to cause, or threatening to cause physical injury and or property damage to another person Expulsion
Making terrorist remarks and threats against students, school officials and school property Expulsion
Any comment or reference to killing or using fire arms Expulsion
Any comment/reference to self-inflicted injury or suicide Expulsion
Fighting and other aggressive behavior Expulsion
Sexual Abuse
1st Violation 2nd Violation
All kind of sexual advances, assaults, and inappropriate physical touch. Expulsion