Discipline is an essential component of the entire educational system.  Discipline leads students to develop character, self-control, orderliness, and efficiency. The rules at Holy Martyrs Mary Cabayan Elementary & Ferrahian High School are in place to insure a safe and orderly environment conducive to student education and to safeguard and protect individuals who are part of the school community.

The school adopts the assertive discipline guidelines.  The goal is to teach students that any behavior may have positive or negative consequences.

Based on this principle, teachers must encourage positive behavior among students by:

  • Extending praise
  • Allowing privileges
  • Calling or sending a positive remark to the parents
  • Assigning a good grade in cooperation
  • Sending a positive note to the Administration

In case of student misconduct, teachers must initiate corrective disciplinary actions according to the seriousness of the offense, as follows:

  • Corrective warning
  • Loss of privileges
  • Behavior Referral
  • Detention
  • Poor grade in cooperation

Further disciplinary actions by the administration will be:

  • Suspension
  • Probation
  • Decline of enrollment
  • Expulsion

Corporal punishment is not allowed at Holy Martyrs School.  However, school personnel may resort to reasonable force as needed to maintain the safety of other students or as self-defense to prevent possible violence or injuries.

School rules apply and are enforced school-wide and in the classrooms. The school also has jurisdiction over students while traveling to and from school-sponsored activities not held on campus. In general, the Vice Principal is in charge of implementing the school discipline policies and the related rules and regulations. The teacher is the authority in the classroom and the field supervisors are the authorities around the school.  However, all students are required to follow the directives and instructions of any school employee.

Important: The school reserves the right to make the necessary changes and/or modifications to the school disciplinary policies and the rules at any time during the academic year.