Students are expected to behave courteously and follow all regulations relating to the following designated areas of the campus. Violators will be penalized as indicated at the end of this section.

Assembly Hall: The privilege of students to attend assemblies is contingent upon the ability of students to conduct themselves properly at all times. Talking, whistling, stamping of feet, booing are discourteous manners. Therefore, students must:

  • remain quiet and attentive during programs,
  • extend courteous reception to all guests and speakers,
  • remain seated until the dismissal signal is given.

Cafeteria: Food consumption is allowed only in the cafeteria and outside designated benches.  Therefore, food may not be taken to the gym, hallways, or classrooms. Additionally,

  • students are required to eat quietly and courteously,
  • students are required to clean up their eating area,
  • students should refrain from standing on or jumping over the lunch benches,
  • students must walk and not run to and from eating areas.

Faculty Quarters: Faculty quarters are for faculty use only.  Therefore,

  • students are not allowed to enter the faculty quarters,
  • students are not allowed to use the copiers and computers of the faculty quarters.

Hallways/Stairways/Balconies: Running, eating, grooming or conversing in a loud voice is forbidden. It is not allowed to congregate around the stairways and balconies during  recesses and lunch breaks.

Library: The Library is a resource center that meets the academic and intellectual needs of all students. Therefore, students are:

  • required to use the library for research and study purposes only,
  • required to walk in and out of the library quietly and keeping a low voice.

Swimming Pool (North Hills Campus):

  • Students wearing swimsuits must remain in the pool area.
  • Jumping and running is forbidden in the pool area.
  • Food consumption is not allowed in the pool area.


  • Students must be courteous to the driver and fellow passengers.
  • Students shall follow the instructions and directives of the bus driver at all times.
  • Students shall enter the bus in an orderly manner, go directly to their seats, and remain seated facing the front of the bus while the bus is in motion.
  • Students shall remain seated until the driver opens the door.
  • Students shall not obstruct the aisle with their legs, feet, or other objects.
  • Students shall refrain from behavior that distracts the driver.  Talking in a loud voice, yelling, singing, whistling, scuffling, throwing objects are example of distraction and inappropriate behavior
  • Students shall not put hands, arms, head, or any part of the body out of the bus window.  They should neither throw any objects from the bus.
  • Students shall not litter the interior of the bus, tamper with bus equipment, damage or deface the bus, nor damage any property near or at bus stops.
  • Students shall not bring animals, birds, reptiles, or insects on the bus.
  • Students shall not chew gum, eat, or drink while on the bus.


Playgrounds: Students can be playful on the school playgrounds.  However, activities such as leapfrog, tagging, reckless running, water splashing, or similar games are forbidden.

Students who violate the above listed regulations will be penalized as follows:


Violation of Common Area Policies
1st violation Detention
2nd violation Suspension