Parking on school premises is a privilege and not a right. All parents, teachers, staff and students must adhere to the following regulations:

  • All drivers must respect traffic rules and regulations
  • All drivers must respect the directions of the school Security Officers or any other school employee or designee.
  • The speed limit in parking lots is 5 mph.  Reckless or careless driving may lead to serious consequences and threaten the safety of the pedestrians.
  • Students and parents are required to park their cars in the parking spaces designated by the Security Officer where applicable.
  • The school is not responsible for any kind of car accidents, car thefts, burglaries or any other damages caused to vehicles parked on the school grounds.
  • Parking lot signs must be respected.
  • Honking, music or other disruptive noise is not allowed on the school grounds.
  • Congregating and loitering in the parking lot is forbidden.


Violation of Common Area Policies
1st violation Detention
2nd violation Suspension


Besides verbal warnings, detentions, and suspensions violation of parking/traffic rules by students and parents may result in loss of parking privileges for one week and subsequent loss of parking privileges for the entire school year, depending on the circumstance.