It is of utmost importance for the Administration to respect student privacy, property, and belongings. However, for the general well-being of our school and security of our students, the Administration reserves the right to randomly check student lockers, backpacks, pockets, cars and other personal belongings.

Security Cameras
For the security of our students and employees, security cameras have been installed around the school premises.

  • Campus entrance assumes consent to being videotaped
  • Tampering with school security cameras is a major offense and violation of the school rules.

Lockers are provided to students as a convenience to be utilized for school use only and such use is limited to store books and stationary materials only. Therefore:

  • Students are held responsible for misuse of lockers and if damaged, students are liable for the cost of repairs and will lose their privilege to hold a locker.
  • Lockers should be kept locked at all times (unauthorized locks will be cutoff).
  • The school is not responsible for personal property kept inside the lockers.
  • The Administration may inspect lockers periodically and at random:
    • To prevent waste accumulation
    • To promote safety, health and fire protection
    • To recover missing property
    • To prevent the storage of unauthorized, illegal and dangerous items
  • Students are responsible for keeping their lockers clean inside and out.
  • Students cannot affix posters, pictures of any kind inside the lockers.
  • Students are not allowed in the Gymnasium or near lockers after school hours.
  • Students are not allowed to use other students’ lockers

Backpacks should be used for books and related stationary only.

  • School bags are subject to search.
  • Parents are urged to check the backpacks, school bags, and briefcases of their children regularly to ensure that students do not carry to school objects unrelated to school work.  Such items will be confiscated, if found.
  • Backpacks must be stored in lockers.

Under special circumstances and for security purposes the Administration has the right to ask students to empty their pockets. If a student declines to cooperate, the administrator has the right to personally empty the student’s pocket.

Student vehicles parked on the school premises may be subject to search by the Administration. Students may not go to their cars during school hours unless they obtain   permission from the Administration. Students may loose their privilege to park on campus if they do not follow school parking and traffic regulations.

Personal Belongings
Students must be attentive to their books, clothing, and other belongings.  Student must not bring to school telephone beepers, cellular phones, radios, earphones, audio/video equipments, cameras, etc.  These items will be confiscated by the teacher and turned over to the Vice Principal’s office (see School-Wide Rules for details).  The school is not responsible for loss or damage to such equipment.

Students who violate the above mentioned regulations will be penalized according to the school rules.