Financial Aid Eligibility Conditions

Families with an annual income of $70,000 and less qualify to receive up to 35% tuition discount. The size of the financial aid varies and is determined on the individual needs of a family and the overall academic and behavioral status of a student.

To be considered for financial aid, the following documentation must be provided with the application form for verification purposes.

  1. A $50 Financial Aid Application processing fee.
  2. Completed IRS form 4506-T authorizing IRS to release applicant’s tax.
  3. Copies of Income Tax returns of last two years (W-2 forms)
  4. Copies of last two months’ rent receipts or last two mortgage payments
  5. Copies of last two pay or income stubs
  6. Copy of Driver’s License or Identification Card
  7. Credit Card information to which unpaid monthly tuition payments will be charged.

Under no circumstances, financial aid will exceed 35% of the tuition fees. Families in dire need of financial help should approach charitable organizations to seek additional financial aid. Financial aid does not apply toward registration, textbook, uniform, sports, and other school expenses. Financial aid is not granted to Pre-School students.


Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

The Financial Aid Application must be submitted to the school Administrative Office at the Encino Campus no later than June 5. Applications received after this date will be processed based on availability of scholarship funds. Additionally, applications will not be processed if:

  1. The student is not yet registered for the next school year
  2. The student carries tuition balance from previous year
  3. The student’s Citizenship grade is “D” or “F”.


Financial Aid Termination

  1. A student with a GPA of 1.0 or less in any quarter during a school year is excluded from receiving financial aid
  2. A student with an “F” grade in Citizenship in any quarter during a school year is excluded from receiving financial aid
  3. Failure to make the monthly tuition payments on time excludes a student from receiving financial aid
  4. Failure to maintain a valid credit card on file for tuition payment excludes a student from receiving financial aid.