The Student Council is the elected student-representative body.  The student council is regulated by its own specific by-laws and is elected by a secret ballot. A student with an “F” in the Citizenship grade cannot be elected to Student Council.

The members of the Student Council act as advocates of their peers.  During their term, the students organize a variety of activities such as fundraising, social, athletic, and educational events and they get the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and be acquainted with the democratic process.

Student Council Members 2015-2016

Advisor: Mr. Vartkes Nalbandian

Executive Officers
 Viken Kejejian  President
 Arnia Majarian  Girls’ Vice-President
 Shant Reganyan  Boys’ Vice-President
 Karine Titizian  Secretary
 Nareg Kuyumjian Treasurer
 Shant Arslanian  Accountant
 Lilia Tokadzhyan  Social Manager
Class Representatives
 Aram Kouloujian  6th Grade
 Alec Minassian   7th Grade
 Razmig Sevadjian     8th Grade
 Nyree Der-Megerdichian   9th Grade
 Armond Mnatsakanyan    10th Grade
 Kevin Aclan     11th Grade
 Nazenie Parsamyan   12th Grade
Class Presidents
 Christina Boranyan   6th Grade
 Sevag Berberian    7th Grade
 Anthony Aroyan    8th Grade
 Jack Nalbandian    9th Grade
 Raffi Karageuzian  10th Grade
 Shant Ganoumian    11th Grade
 Mkrtich Manvelian      12th Grade
















Student Council Members 2014-2015


Executive Officers


Armand Keosian                   President

Alique Mnatsakanyan           Girls’ Vice-President

Viken Kejejian                       Boys’ Vice-President

Arnia Majarian                       Secretary

Nareg Kuyumjian                   Treasurer

Shant Reganyan                    Accountant

Melanie Artinian                     Social Manager

Aline Tchorbajian                   Middle School Activity Coordinator

Class Representatives


Galy Kouyoumjian                  12th Grade

Karine Titizian                        11th Grade

Shant Arslanian                     10th Grade

Armond Mnatsakanyan           9th Grade

Seeran Ajemian                       8th Grade