Policy on Student Programs & Activities

The school organizes a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that provide the students with actual real life experiences and enrich their awareness of issues beyond the knowledge provided through the adopted curriculum.

The Administration encourages all students to take part in these co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Participation in such activities is a privilege; therefore, students with an “F” grade in Citizenship are excluded from all co-curricular and extracurricular activities with the exception of School organized Fairs and Assemblies.


History Day
The school Social Studies department organizes an annual school-wide History Day that allows students, grades 6-12 to display their representation of historic events.  A panel of judges evaluates the projects and announces the winners.


Math League Festival
The Math Department organizes this competition for grades 6-8.  Basically, it is a competition for math skills.


Armenian History Day
The Armenian Department organizes this Armenian History fair for grades 1-12.  Students present major events in Armenian history and display boards.  A panel of judges evaluates the projects and announces the winners.


Assemblies Recognizing Armenian Holidays

The Armenian Department organizes several assemblies throughout a school year to celebrate and commemorate notable Armenian religious and national holidays.  Student groups with the support of the Armenian language and history teachers present musicals or theatrical performances, choreographed dances, and on certain occasions, using state-of-the- art audio-visual tools present clips of events all these to the delight and the pleasure of the student body.  The celebrated holidays are Armenian Cultural Day in October, Saints Vartanank Day in spring, the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day of April 24, and the Armenian Independence Day of May 28.

Additionally, twice a year, before the Christmas and Easter vacations, students attend church to receive Holy Communion after which after a morning fast, students are treated to homemade bread rolls offered by the PSC.


Fine Arts

The Arts program at the school varies with each grade level. There has been a consistent effort to improve the program during the last several years. The current program is as follows:


Elementary School:

K-5 grade students are offered classes in music, dance and drawing/painting once a week each. With the participation of all grades the Elementary School presents an annual Year End Arts program, where students exhibit their skills in music, dance and drawing/painting.


Middle School and High School:
Beginning with the 2006-2007 academic year, art class is offered to Middle School. Tenth grade students are offered an introductory art course for visual arts. This course satisfies UC/CSU Visual Arts admission requirement. Students also participate in organizing assemblies to celebrate Armenian and American holidays. These cultural programs include poetry recitation, drama, dance and musical presentations.