Field trips are encouraged provided they are subject matter related. All grades K-12 are entitled to one local field trip each year. The students must pay the transportation and entrance fees and other expenses at least one week prior to the trip. Additional trips are optional. The Vice Principal must approve all field trips for grades 6-12 and the Assistant Principal for the Elementary grades.


Extended Field Trips

Participation in the following trips to Armenia, Washington DC / New York and Sacramento/Fresno Armenia is a privilege that students must earn. Students who have received “F” grade in Citizenship will loose their privilege of participation in these trips.


Trip to Armenia

The Junior Class (previously Senior Class) trip to Armenia has become a Ferrahian tradition. After many years of reading and learning about Armenia, the students finally get the opportunity to visit the precious homeland of our ancestors and experience first hand the history, the culture, the people, the soil, and the beauty of our magnificent land, Armenia.

To make the best of this trip, it is essential that students maintain a safe and comfortable environment and therefore, the Administration will enforce the disciplinary policies adopted at school. During travel, behavior that disrupts the learning environment or jeopardizes the physical or emotional health of students will be subject to the school disciplinary provisions and will be enforced by the chaperons accompanying the group. Parents must sign the following forms and documents necessary pertaining to the regulations assessed for this trip: Parental Agreement, Behavior Policy, Special Rules Medical Release Form and Permission to Visit Relatives/Friends in Armenia.

The cost of this trip ranges from $2,800 to $3,000.  Students 18 years and older must obtain the necessary visa(s).


Trip to Washington DC / New York 

Starting April 2006, Ferrahian School instituted a program for the 8th graders to visit Washington DC during the Easter break. During this 6 day trip the students get theopportunity to visit historic, political and scientific points of interest in the capital city. Parents must sign the following forms and documents necessary pertaining to the regulations assessed for this trip: Parental Agreement, Behavior Policy, Special Rules and Medical Release Form.

The cost of this trip ranges from $1,600 to $1,800 per student.


Trip to Sacramento and Fresno

The trip is a three-day, two night motor coach trip to Sacramento and Fresno.  While in Sacramento, students visit the State Capital Building, visit the California Railroad Museum and other noteworthy attractions. Following the Sacramento visit, the group travels to Fresno where they visit leading Armenian landmarks, including Soghomon Tehlerian’s Memorial Site, the statue of Sasountsi Tavit, the statue of William Saroyan, the Holy Trinity Armenian Church, and time allowing other notable attractions.

The cost of this trip is approximately $400.


6-12 Field Trips
Grade Field Trip Organized by
6 Parks as Labs – Malibu
6 South West Native American Museum
6 Discovery Center Earth Science
7 Aquarium of the Pacific
7 Ronald Reagan Library
7 Ararat Home for the Seniors Armenian
8 Museum of Natural History
8 Washington D.C. Social Studies
6, 7, 8 Play English
10 Getty Center
10 USC – Armenian Music Day
11 LA Times – Daily News Journalism
11 Asbarez Daily & Horizon TV Armenian
11 Armenia Trip Armenian Dept.
12 Waste Water treatment facility Science
12 Visit ANC/AYF/Shant Armenian Dept.
12 Grad Night (Disneyland) Senior Class