The school organizes a variety of social activities that enhances the social fabric among its student population.


Senior Class Prom

It is a tradition for seniors at Ferrahian to have the prom night in a style of a formal banquet with family members and friends.  The prom night is a much-anticipated event with all its formal setting and ceremonial rituals. Students and family members cherish this evening with memories for many years to come.


Senior Class “Disney Grad Nite”

The “Disney Grad Nite” is the biggest and most entertaining graduation tradition in California hosted by Walt Disney World Resort for graduating seniors.  On a magical night in May seniors throughout California, congregate in the Magic Kingdom for a celebration full of musical performers, thrilling attractions, Disney characters, and special times with lifelong friends and fellow students.  Ferrahian seniors join other California seniors in this popular custom.  The ‘Disney” trip is a privilege that students must earn. Students who have received “F” grade in Citizenship will lose their privilege to participate in this trip.


Winter Formal

The Student Council organizes the Winter Formal during the winter season.  This is an evening of fun and dance. The activity is open to high school students, grades 9-12.


Middle School Dance

Middle School Parental Spirit Committee organizes the Middle School Dance. This is an evening of fun and dance. The activity is open to Middle School students, grades 6-8.