The extracurricular activities enrich the students with skills and experiences that enhance their creativity. The activities help students learn to set and achieve goals, manage time efficiently, and get involved in the community.  The extracurricular activities include:


a.   Student Clubs

1.   CSF – California Scholastic Federation
2.   Armenian (Hai Tahd) Club
3.   Misc. High School Clubs

  • a)   Chess Club
  • b)  Computer Club
  • c)   Cooking Club
  • d)  Drama Club

4.   Misc. Middle School Clubs

  • a)   Art Club
  • b)  Chess Club
  • c)   Computer Club
  • d)  Cooking Club
  • e)   Debate Club
  • f)   Dance Club
  • g)  French Club
  • h)  Soccer Club

b.   Student Committees

1.   Student Council
2.   Yearbook Committee
3.   Armenian “Shogh” Periodical Committee
4.   Journalism Class Ferrahian Highlights

c.   Social Activities

1.   Senior Class Prom
2.   Senior Class “Disney Grad Nite”
3.   Spring Formal
4.   Middle School Dance

d.   Athletic Games and Activities