Beware the Ides of March!

On May 24th Mrs. Rostamian’s 10th Grade English class enjoyed a two-hour performance and interactive Theater Workshop with professional theater actors from the Will Geer Theater. The actors performed several powerful scenes from Julius Caesar as they journeyed through the plot and analysis of the play with our students. The students’ enthusiastic involvement and participation continued as each of the actors took a group of students to rehearse a different scene of the play. They discussed character motivation, plot and analysis of the play and performance techniques. Following rehearsal, each group performed their scene under the guidance of their theater coach. The workshop concluded with an insightful Question and Answer session with the actors. The actors were very impressed with our students’ knowledge and careful analysis of the play. The students participated enthusiastically and truly enjoyed this rare and special learning opportunity. Thank you Ferrahian and 10th grade parents for making this happen!



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