15th– 18th – Textbook sale

21st – First day of school

29th – Back to School Night 6:30 pm / Minimum Day


4th – Labor Day – School Closed

5th – 11th grade parent meeting

10th — 6th grade Church visit

12th – 7th grade parent meeting

15th – Middle School Dance

17th — 7th grade Church visit

19th – 12th grade parent meeting

21st – Armenian Independence Day- School Closed

22nd – School Professional Development/Pupil Free Day

26th – 10th grade parent meeting

28th – 8th grade parent meeting

30th — Armens’ Armenian Night



1st — 8th grade Church visit

3rd – 9th grade parent meeting

4th-6th – Sacramento & Fresno Trip 7th grade

8th — 9th grade Church visit

9th — 6th grade parent meeting at 6:30 PM

10th — 12th grade parents’ FAFSA meeting in room # 106 at 6:30 PM

11th — PSAT / NMSQT 11th grade

15th — 10th grade Church visit

17th — Officer Tang Assembly: MS 1st Period / HS 2nd Period

17th — Parent Education Series, “Teens and Screens” at 7:00 PM

19th — Middle and High School “Shake Out” (Earthquake Drill) at 10:19 AM

23rd  – Pupil Free School closed

24th – Second Quarter begins

25th – Picture Day

26th – Walkathon

27th – Parent Teacher Conference- Pupil Free Day

28th – Prelacy Schools’ Annual PD



5th — 11th grade Church visit

10th – Veteran’s Day – School Closed

11th -12th – UCLA Model UN (tentative)

19th — 12th grade Church visit

22nd  – Alumni Games (tentative)

22nd  – History Day Fair

23rd– 24th  – Thanksgiving- School Closed



15th – Review of courses for First Semester Exams

18th – 21st  – First Semester Exams – School is minimum day

22nd – Holy Communion & Class Parties / Minimum Day

23rd  – Winter Break Begins



 8th – School resumes- Second semester begins

15th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day- School Closed

19th – 12th and 8th grade graduation pictures/makeup pictures

25th – 26th – 12th grade retreat AYF Camp (tentative)

27th – Ferrahian Alumni Mixer

28th – Armens’ Breakfast

29th  – Middle school spelling bee



1st – Middle School Science Fair

2nd – High School Science Fair

3rd  – PSC Fashion Show

8th – St. Vartanants Day – No School

9th – School Professional Development/ Pupil Free Day

13th-16th  – Camp Keep 6th

19th – Presidents’ Day- School Closed

24th — School’s Annual Gala

27th – Fifth Grade Parent Orientation



2nd  – Fifth grade Shadow Day

5th  – Armenian Spelling Bee

2nd – 4th – UC Berkeley Model UN (tentative)

9th – Parent Teacher Conference- Pupil Free Day

9th –  High school formal

14th – PI Day/ Math Festival

19th– 21st – Catalina Island Science Camp for 10th grade

22nd – 24th – L.A. County Science Fair

23rd – Holy Communion/ minimum day

23rd – Academic Awards Ceremony, at 8:30 am

24th– April 2nd – Easter Vacation


3rd – School resumes/ 4th quarter begins

19th  – PSAT Testing for 9th & 10th grades

21st-28th – East Coast Trip 8th grade

24th – Armenian Genocide Commemoration- School Closed

26th – 27th – 9th grade Heal the Bay Community service



1st – 4th – Terra Nova Standardized Testing for 6th-8th grades

4th– Armen’s Awards Night (tentative)

7th– 18th – AP Exams

19th  –   Senior Banquet (Prom)

18th-22nd  – 11th  & 12th Grade Finals

23 – Grad Nite & Verchin Zank

24th  – UCLA Diagnostic Test 6th & 7th grades

24th – 7th  – Armenia Trip 11th Grade

28th — Armenian Independence Day / Memorial Day : School Closed



1st  – Reviews for Final Exams

4th– 7th  – Final Exams

8th  – Last Day of Instruction

9th – 12th Grade graduation at 3:00 pm

16th – 8th Grade Graduation at 3:00 pm

 August Summer Vacation