Ninth Grade Textbook List 2018-2019

Updated (6-25-2018)

* USED books are usually priced about 30%-40% less than NEW – based on the condition of the textbook.

* Note: 9th graders are assigned 10th grade Armenian Studies textbook



Subject Title Publisher Author YEAR ISBN Price

Lit & Lang Arts

3rd Course

Holt Beers 2009



English Grammar for Writing textbook not assigned Provided by the teacher

Vocabulary Workshop

Level D

Sadler-Oxford Jerome Shostak 2012 Available only at school $20
Geometry Geometry Carter Glencoe/McGraw Hill 2014 978-0-07-6639298 $100

Algebra I


Carter Glencoe/McGraw Hill 2014 978-0-07-663923-6 $100
Biology Biology Prentice Hall Miller Levine 2014 978-0-13-323638-5 $100
Health Health Glencoe Mary H. Bronson 2011 978-0-07-891328-0 $85
AP Human Geography

The Cultural Landscape

(An intro to human geography) 12th Edition

Pearson James Rubenstein 2017 978-0-134206233 $182 buy online

Understanding Psychology,

9th edition

Glencoe Kasschau, Richard 2012 978-0-07-663194-0 $92
Journalism Book not assigned
Art Book not assigned
Armenian Մեր Լեզուն 9րդ H. Kurkjian 2009 $40

Armenian Studies

Includes workbook

Հայ Դատ  10րդ AEF Roupina Peroomian 2002 $50