According to the By-Laws the School Board in cooperation with the Principal prepare the school’s annual budget and determine the registration and tuition fees, as well as the tuition discounts provided based on the financial needs of a family.

Thereafter, the Board of Regents of the Prelacy Armenian Schools reviews and approves the annual tuition and registration fees proposed by the School Board.


Registration Fee


The regular registration fee for school year 2015-2016 is $600.  It includes the Prelacy Board of Regents’ annual dues of $100 per student. The following is the fee schedule:

  • Early registration         – April 1-30                 – $575
  • Regular registration     – May 1-31                  – $600
  • Late registration          – June  1-30                 – $650 includes $50 late fee
  • Late registration          – July 1-31                   – $700 includes $100 late fee


The registration fee includes the following expenses:

  • Earthquake/Emergency supplies
  • Student accident insurance
  • Yearbook

The registration fee is non-refundable.  Only a student, whose enrollment is terminated at the beginning of the academic year, will receive 50% refund.



Tuition Fee


The annual tuition fee for academic year 2015-2016 for one student is $8,300.


Tuition discount is provided to

  1. a) School/Church Employees:  Employees of the school or the church are entitled to 50% tuition discount as part of their employee benefit package.
  2. b) Families with Multiple Children:

▪   Families with two children receive $1000/year discount per student ($7,300 each).

▪   Families with three children receive $2200/year discount per student ($6,100 each).

▪   Families with four children receive $2400/year discount per student ($5,900 each).


Families undergoing financial hardship may file for financial aid. Families with an annual income of less than $70,000 could qualify up to 35% discount.